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Please visit our Sponsors, since they make this show possible. Without the sponsors, we wouldn't be able to bring you the photos, videos, and experiences.

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We have relocated to Northern Florida for 2014/2015. After almost 5 years in the Keys, it was time to relocate and explore new places. While in our new location, we will continue to video our adventures. The trips will be filmed and incorporated into a series of episodes that we can put up on our site for your enjoyment. We are looking for sponsors that want the exposure from the productions, and that want to help the marine environment. If you feel you can benefit from teaming up with us, contact us at

info at caribbeanexplorers.net

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The premise of our show is to showcase the natural beauty of the oceans and the cultural identity of the local people. We will spend this summer in the Bahamas filming incredible fishing and diving as well as exploring places that most people only dream about. Keep watching and experience the places we go and the people we visit. FOLLOW THE DREAM!

Caribbean Explorers This site chronicles the lives of a family that decided to follow their dream of exploring the most beautiful places in the world. Through our TV show, this site and some YouTube videos you can follow us as we explore the Florida Keys, Caribbean islands, the oceans, and the people that live in these beautiful places. This will not be a "three hour tour" or a "five year mission". We honestly don't know how long this will last. There are thousands of islands in the Caribbean, so this might take a while.

In the Spring when the weather is more favorable, we will start taking trips for the 2014-2015 season, filming fishing and research trips. For more information or find out where we are, contact us at info@caribbeanexplorers.net


cay sal lightOur Next Stop- The Bahamas and then to the Eastern Caribbean!

We need to get back to the Bahamas and beyond- we really miss it! For more info, contact us at info@caribbeanexplorers.net.


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